Course Description

In this course you will learn the sacred birth wisdom of the chakras, the benefits of  holistic preparation during pregnancy and how this will support a more positive birth experience.

The chakras are known as ‘wheels of light’ or the ‘ 7 Gateways’ – dynamic energy centres where we can access the wisdom within. Ascending through each of the chakras is a journey of self-exploration and personal power. This course will guide you to strengthen your intuitive awareness and learn new tools to connect with your inner birthing guidance, or as a birth professional to support your clients more holistically.

The comprehensive course with Anna Watts, includes - Childbirth Preparation, Guided Meditations, Spiritual Wisdom and ideas for creating the perfect birth environment - for you and your baby. PLUS  downloadable pdfs of the important questions to ask yourself for birth. As a Birth Professional the self-exploration ideas guide as you support your clients to prepare for an empowered birth experience.

Sacred Birth & Doula Educator

Anna Watts

Course curriculum

  • 2

    SACRAL CHAKRA - Feminine Creative Energy

    • Class 2 - Sacral Chakra Presentation

    • 2. Sacral Chakra Journal

    • 2. Sacral Chakra Birth Affirmation

    • 2. Sacral Chakra Meditation

  • 3

    SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Birth Confidence & Empowerment

    • Class 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra Presentation

    • 3. Solar Plexus Chakra Journal

    • 3. Solar Plexus Birth Affirmation

    • 3. Solar Plexus Meditation

  • 4

    HEART CHAKRA - Gratitude & Self-Love

    • Moving into the Heart Chakra with Anna Watts

    • Class 4 - Heart Chakra Presentation

    • 4. Heart Chakra Journal

    • 4. Heart Chakra Birth Affirmation

    • 4. Heart Chakra Meditation

  • 5

    THROAT CHAKRA - Self-expression & Sound

    • Class 5 - Throat Chakra Presentation

    • 5. Throat Chakra Journal

    • 5. Throat Chakra Birth Affirmation

    • 5. Throat Chakra Meditation

  • 6

    THIRD EYE CHAKRA - Trusting Intuition & Birth Vision

    • Class 6 - Third Eye Chakra Presentation

    • 6. Third Eye Chakra Journal

    • 6. Third Eye Chakra Birth Affirmation

    • 6. Third Eye Chakra Meditation YOGA NIDRA RELAXATION

  • 7

    CROWN CHAKRA - Spiritual Wisdom for Birthing

    • Crown Chakra Alignment ~ Course Completion with Anna Watts

    • Class 7 - Crown Chakra Presentation

    • 7. Crown Chakra Journal

    • 7. Crown Chakra Birth Affirmation

    • 7. Birth Chakra Balancing Meditation


5 star rating

“We have created a sanctuary to support in every way for ...

Karelle Russell

Anna thank you! I have taken my time to work through the course and it has aligned with the visits to my doula client. I will see her once again and go th...

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Anna thank you! I have taken my time to work through the course and it has aligned with the visits to my doula client. I will see her once again and go through the third eye with her and the higher self. I feel connected to my heart space to share this with her and know she will be held whilst birthing her bub with love. We have used your cards too and overall it has been a lovely, enriching experience, especially in the time of the Corona Virus, we have been able to create a sanctuary that will support her in every way for the birth and when coming home where I will do the closing of the bones ceremony. It has been so lovely to connect in with you once again, my heart is full, soft and light, thank you with love xx

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